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Workshop Overview

The TeamCIA room
@Perkiomen Valley High School
Rt. 29 & Trappe Road
Collegeville, PA  19426
1st Floor, Business Technology Department
Room 113 

 Windows NT Servers 4.0 on a 10/100 Ethernet network.
24 Gateway 2000 Pentium 733mhz computers w/17” monitors 
 1 HP Flatbed Color Scanner
1 Epson PhotoPC digital camera 
1 HP Laser printers 
1 HP Color ink jet printer 

Software (related to this workshop) 
Windows NT4.0  workstation.
Microsoft FrontPage 2000
Microsoft Office 2000
Internet Explorer 5.0 PaintShop Pro (image editing and scanning) 
Epson Photo PC (for digital photography) 

Overall Goals 

  1. To learn how to navigate a school’s network and servers.
  2. To learn how to save files into a folder on the network servers.
  3. To understand the process of web page publishing.
  4. To actively produce a web site with multiple web pages and links.
  5. To publish your web site onto the Internet.
  6. To manage your web site through learning how to update.
  7. To understand the processing of images, clipart, scans, & photographs for web publishing.
  8. To learn how to scan a photograph.
  9. To learn how to process a photo with a digital camera.
  10. To enjoy the process of publishing and writing for the Internet

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