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Managing Overview

Managing your web site is the real work of any web site creator.  An active and building web site will always require additions and modifications.  I have noticed that creating and launching a web site is only 25% of the work and managing the web site is 75% of the job.  During this workshop, it is my intention to introduce you to the management of your web site through additions and updates.  This will give you a true understanding of web site management and the processes involved.

Your Activities are

  1. Starting with 3 pages, you will create and publish a basic web site.
  2. Once these pages are published, you will make additional pages and publish them.
  3. After you have 5 to 10 pages blocked in, you will add details to these pages, which will then need to be updated.
  4. This circle of adding and updating never ends; this is web site management.

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