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Skills to Develop
The Big Picture
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Web Hosting
Adding Details
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Graduates of this Workshop

Listed here are the Montgomery County Teachers that have taken this web publishing workshop.

Teacher School
Nancy Mackow Upper Perkiomen High School
Karen Klemp Jenkintown Jr/Sr High School
Karen Giannini Perkiomen Valley School District
Carol Borzelleca Springfield Township High School
Joan Schumer Wissahickon High School
Jean Ritrovato Perkiomen Valley High School
Jean Ann DePietropaolo Perkiomen Valley High School
George Wadlin Plymouth-Whitemarsh High School
Christina Boyer Mattison Avenue Elementary School
Elizabeth Newton Ringing Rocks Elementary School
Elizabeth Coleman Pottsgrove High School
Christina Foehl  
Jack Pearson Perkiomen Valley High School
Marie Barnette Perkiomen Valley High School
Kim Minor Perkiomen Valley High School
Christine Franks Perkiomen Valley Middle School
Scott Bannister Perkiomen Valley High School
Karen Moliver Perkiomen Valley High School
Tim Walsh Perkiomen Valley High School
Vince Quintangeli Perkiomen Valley Middle School
Chuck Testa Perkiomen Valley Middle School
Bill Montgomery Perkiomen Valley High School
Doug Barnette Perkiomen Valley High School
Frank Seeley Perkiomen Valley Middle School

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