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A web workshop by F. Hayden Cochran


What I See
Skills to Develop
The Big Picture
Yahoo E-mail
Web Hosting
Adding Details
Web Terms
Notes / Passwords
Email Names
Student Comments
Student Sites


Activities Overview
  1. TeamCIA room and facilities layout.
  2. Web publishing process overview.
  3. Yahoo Email account set up and test.
  4. Web hosting at Yahoo / Geocities.
  5. Opening an account for a web site at Geocities.
  6. Creating a web site framework. 3 to 5 pages, blocked in.
  7. Publishing this framework to the Internet.
  8. Management begins, editing and test publishing an update.
  9. Adding details to the site.
  10. Working with Navigation Bars.
  11. Creating List.
  12. Making your own Hyperlinks
  13. Working with Clipart.
  14. Designing with tables.
  15. Front Page Themes
  16. Paintshop Pro usage.
  17. Scanning.
  18. Digital Photography.
  19. Creating web forms.
  20. Hover Buttons
  21. Web design concepts.
  22. Content creation.
  23. Closure / evaluation.

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