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Skills to Develop Related to the Activities

Day #1

  1. TeamCIA room and facilities layout.
    1. equipment available and location
    2. logging onto the servers and logging off
    3. locating your network folder
    4. saving to your network folder
  2. Web publishing process overview.
    1. FTP and publishing
    2. local web site VS Internet web site
    3. cache and reload problem
  3. Yahoo Email account set up and test.
    1. using a web based email program
    2. sending and retrieving email
  4. Web hosting at Yahoo / Geocities
    1. the process of a web host
    2. UNIX servers VS Windows NT servers
    3. front page extensions
    4. front page extended server
  5. Opening an account for a web site at Geocities.
    1. securing a web folder
    2. 1st web page is built by GeoCities
  6. Creating a web site framework. 3 to 5 pages
    1. staring a new web with FrontPage
    2. adding new pages
    3. formatting text with styles (heading 1)
    4. sharing borders
    5. looking at navigation bars properties
  7. Publishing this framework to the Internet.
    1. using file publish
    2. using the publish button to FTP the site to GeoCities
    3. locate the site with a web browser
    4. edit and add Home to the nav bars
    5. republish and test

Day #2

  1. Management begins, edit and test publishing an update.
    1. change and add content to the site
    2. republish and notice the changes being sent
    3. cache and how it effects a designer
    4. reload or refresh button
  2. Adding Pages and Study the Nav Bars.
    1. create "Favorite Links" page
    2. Drag and drop pages in navigation view
    3. Study navigation bar (auto updates links)
  3. Working with Lists
    1. bullet VS numbered
    2. increase and decrease list
    3. format bullets and numbers
  4. Creating your own hyperlinks
    1. links to a local page
    2. links to a WWW page (URL)
    3. links to a bookmark
    4. links to an email address
    5. links to an object (photo, sound, video)
  5. Working with Clipart
    1. inserting clipart
    2. resize and align (left, center, right)
    3. picture properties
      1. text
      2. hyperlink
      3. appearance tab (layout alignment)
        1. text wraps around image
        2. left, right, middle
    4. resample
    5. picture toolbar (common tools)
  6. Image Hotspots (image maps)
    1. creating a hot spot
    2. linking hot spot to a URL
    3. moving the hot spot
    4. hot spot shapes
  7. Using Tables
    1. columns, rows, cells
    2. inserting tables
    3. table toolbar
    4. draw table tool and erase tool
    5. merge cells
    6. cell alignment
    7. fill cells
    8. insert rows or columns
  8. Adding Themes
    1. applying a theme
    2. active graphics or not
    3. changing and removing a theme
    4. modifying a theme
    5. saving a theme

Day #3 

  1. Creating web forms.
    1. form elements
    2. working within a table (aligns elements)
    3. creating a simple web form
    4. check boxes, list boxes, radio buttons, text boxes
    5. web form processing with CGI script
    6. processing on an IIS server
    7. publish and test the form processing
  2. Enhanced Navigation Bars
    1. inserting your own nav bars
    2. navigation bar properties
    3. use with tables
    4. child level VS parent level VS same level
  3. Hover Buttons  (AKA mouse overs)
    1. buttons with basic text
    2. setting effects
    3. using custom graphics
  4. Web design principles
    1. pixels per browser
    2. 640 x 480 VS 800 x 600
    3. table usage
    4. study pros, Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL, Netscape
  5. Closure of 3 DAY workshop
    1. wrap-up and review topics
    2. review publishing process
    3. evaluation of course / feedback

Day #4 (for 5 day workshop)

  1. PaintShop Pro graphic editing
    1. browsing w/ Paintshop Pro
    2. text with drop shadows
    3. cropping images
    4. saving as a GIF or JPG
    5. resizing an image for the web
  2. Scanning.
    1. running a flatbed scanner
    2. scanning into PaintShop Pro
    3. scanning into HPscan pro
    4. cropping and saving an image
    5. saving as a JPG or GIF
    6. saving to a network share folder
  3. Digital Photography.
    1. using the digital camera
    2. downloading the photos
    3. saving a photo to a network share folder

Day #5 (for 5 day workshop)

  1. Skill development and practice
    1. list
    2. tables
    3. mouse overs
    4. custom nav bars
    5. images, photos, clipart
  2. Web design principles
    1. pixels per browser
    2. 640 x 480 VS 800 x 600
    3. table usage
    4. study pros, Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL, Netscape
  3. Closure.
    1. wrap-up and review topics
    2. review publishing process
    3. evaluation of course / feedback

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