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Web Hosting Overview

Your web site needs to be transferred, uploaded, or hosted on an Internet web server in order for anyone on the Internet to access the site.  Many companies provide free web site hosting. We have chosen Yahoo / GeoCities as our web site host.  Since you have established an account with Yahoo email, you can now sign up for a web site with Geocities.  Go to Geocites and login with your Yahoo member name and Yahoo password and then sign up for a free web site.

Once you sign up, you will be able to publish your web site to this Geocities folder and your site will then be active on the Internet.

yahoo_geocities.gif (2868 bytes)

Your Activities are

  1. Surf to and sign up for a free home page.
  2. Select a neighborhood for your site based on your topic.
  3. Once you are moved into your web site, see if you can surf to the site with your web browser and see your first web page!
  4. Write down your FULL web address and send the address to me at

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