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The Big Picture

Before we begin this web publishing process, I think it is a good idea for us to look at the entire process from start to finish.  There are many components to creating your own web site and this overview will give you a good look at the sequence of steps.  These steps are for someone who can not publish their web site within the school's server or on the MCIU's server.  These steps are for most of us who will be publishing our web site out on the Internet completely separate from the schools network.  At this point, most schools are not dealing with the process and the responsibility of hosting teachers' and students' web pages.  Consequently, you must learn how to publish directly to the Internet.

Sequential Steps to the Big Picture

  1. Open a web based e-mail account such as Yahoo, Hotmail, Rocket Mail, Juno Mail, etc.   We prefer Yahoo since it owns GeoCities web sites.yahoo_mail_logo.gif (1373 bytes)

  2. Send and retrieve e-mail to test this account.
  3. Go to and sign up for a free web page.
  4. yahoo_geocities1.gif (2239 bytes)

  5. Here is what to look for.......geo_signup.gif (570 bytes)

  6. Geocities sorts their web sites under 41 categories called neighborhoods.  You will need to select one of these.geo_pick.gif (1403 bytes)

  7. Once a neigborhood is selected, you will need to provide some basic information about your site.  This info will be placed on your temporary home page that Geocities will create for you.  We will delete this page once we publish our own pages.geo_questions.gif (2282 bytes)

  8. Geocities will create the web page and then send you an e-mail to your Yahoo e-mail address.  This e-mail will welcome you to Geocities.

    geo_congrats.gif (1650 bytes)

  9. They also will show you the URL or address of your new web site.geo_address.gif (1575 bytes)

  10. At this URL will be the information you provided Geocities in step #7 above.  Again, this web page is only the beginning.  We will replace their web page with our own pages.
  11. Return to Yahoo e-mail and get the welcome letter from Geocities.yahoo_mail_logo.gif (1373 bytes)+geo_welcome.gif (852 bytes)

  12. Read your mail and review Geocities welcome letter.

  13. We are now ready to create web pages and build a web site.
  14. We will build our web site on the local hard drive and then publish it to this location at Geocities.
  15. Now the management of the web site begins.  Adding content, creating images, building pages, uploading and updating the web site.

This is the Big Picture !

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