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Publishing with FrontPage

FrontPage includes built-in FTP and HTTP protocol to upload your pages onto your web host's Internet server.  Before FrontPage came along, a web publisher needed to learn how to use an FTP (file transfer protocol) program to upload pages into the Internet.  Now publishing is one button, provided you know your web host's upload instructions.

Another big topic related to FrontPage and publishing is the Front Page Server Extensions, FPSE.  FPSE are added to a web host in order to fully support a FrontPage web. If the web server is a FrontPage Extended server, then you have even more power for publishing with FrontPage.  Web sites on these servers will allow all the COOL FrontPage  components to be fully operational.  Publishing is much more efficient on an server with FPSE. 

One addition advantage to an FPSE server is that you can open your web site from the Internet and work "LIVE" on your site eliminating the entire need for publishing!  Now that is very nice.

Locate a web host that is fully FrontPage Extended and publish your web pages there. I personally use and

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FrontPage Themes

Read my lesson about creating your own theme  here.


DWT = Dynamic Web Templates

Read my lesson about DWTs  here.



I have created a few web sites for others and you can see my portfolio here.

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