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Student Comments

These comments are from Montgomery County Teachers who have taken this web workshop.

"The instructor was the best Link 2 Learn instructor I've come in contact with.   He was extremely enthusiastic and very knowledgeable."

"This workshop is very applicable to classroom teaching.  Hayden taught this class in a clear and precise manner.  He is also very patient."

"This workshop is the best I have ever taken!  Wonderful."

"You have covered so many details that I myself have encountered with no one to answer my questions.  Now they are answered!"

"Thank you so much!  You have saved me hours of time trying to figure out the specifics of FrontPage management."

"Hayden is very knowledgeable and easy to understand.  Very patient also."

"Wonderful teaching.....I could have used another 3 days on all the information we received."

"You advertised the primary focus of the web workshop as being able to gain an insight into the process of publishing a web site. You clearly achieved your goal and made it crystal clear to all the participants that there is a big distinction between designing and publishing!! I've never attended a workshop where the students broke into applause -- you deserved it."

"I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone interested in web sites - from the novice computer user to those with great experience. Your enthusiasm and knowledge provided something for everyone. Thanks for being so organized and keeping the course moving at a pace I could follow. The handouts will be a lifesaving resource for those moments of panic when I can't remember what to do next and deadline pressures threaten to overwhelm. Thanks so much."


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Read my lesson about creating your own theme  here.


DWT = Dynamic Web Templates

Read my lesson about DWTs  here.



I have created a few web sites for others and you can see my portfolio here.

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