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Adding Details Overview

After the web site is blocked in and the structure is tested, then it is time to add details and content.  This is where the creativity and variations begin to develop that will give your web site a unique look.  Logos and custom graphics that are unique to your site will help to "brand" your web site.  Keeping to your design framework and using a consistent logo and style will remind viewers that they are still within your site.  The first item to develop is a logo that will become your site's image or brand.  Once that is developed you will need to design other logos and clipart that will represent the subchapters and other areas of your site.  Develop a plan and work your plan.


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FrontPage Themes

Read my lesson about creating your own theme  here.


DWT = Dynamic Web Templates

Read my lesson about DWTs  here.



I have created a few web sites for others and you can see my portfolio here.

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