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A Technology Consortium Workshop for MCIU
by F. Hayden Cochran


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Schedule of Activities

Day #1

  1. TeamCIA room and facilities layout.
    1. equipment available and location
    2. logging onto the servers and logging off
    3. locating your network folder
    4. saving to your network folder
  2. Web publishing process overview
    1. publishing
    2. local web site VS Internet web site
    3. cache and reload problem
  3. Web hosting topics
    1. the process of a web host
    2. UNIX servers VS Windows servers
    3. FrontPage extensions
  4. Creating a Team web site
    1. collaboration on web 1
    2. working on a web as a team
    3. implications for school use
  5. Creating your own web site
    1. starting a new web with FrontPage
    2. adding new pages
    3. formatting text with styles (heading 1)
    4. sharing borders
    5. looking at navigation bars properties
  6. Publishing to a Web server
    1. using file publish
    2. locate the site with a web browser
    3. make edits and publish again
    4. republish / refresh and test

Day #2

  1. Management begins, edit and test publishing an update.
    1. change and add content to the site
    2. republish and notice the changes being sent
    3. cache and how it effects a designer
    4. reload or refresh button
  2. Adding Pages and Study the Nav Bars.
    1. adding new pages, and page titles
    2. Drag and drop pages in navigation view
    3. Study navigation bar (auto updates links)
    4. nav bar properties
  3. Working with Lists
    1. bullet VS numbered
    2. increase and decrease list
    3. format bullets and numbers
  4. Creating your own hyperlinks
    1. links to a local page
    2. links to a WWW page (URL)
    3. links to an email address
    4. open link in a new page
  5. Using Tables
    1. columns, rows, cells
    2. inserting tables
    3. table toolbar
    4. merge cells
    5. cell alignment
    6. fill cells
    7. insert rows and columns
    8. working w/table properties
  6. Working with Clipart
    1. inserting clipart
    2. resize and align (left, center, right)
    3. picture properties
      1. text
      2. hyperlink
      3. appearance tab (layout alignment)
        1. text wraps around image
        2. left, right, middle
    4. picture toolbar (common tools)
    5. resize and resample
    6. auto thumbnail
  7. Working with digital photo
    1. digital photo properties, pixels
    2. implication for web page design
    3. adding photos
      1. using auto thumbnails
        1. picture tool bar
        2. saving large and small
      2. inserting a photo gallery
        1. editing photos in gallery
        2. crop, rotate, resize,
        3. 640 x 480 pixels
      3. photos and table
        1. rows and columns
        2. captions
  8. Working with Themes
    1. applying a theme
    2. active graphics or not
    3. changing and removing a theme
    4. modifying a theme
      1. make your own theme here
    5. saving a theme

Day #3 

  1. Review of Navigation Bars
    1. inserting your own nav bars
    2. navigation bar properties
    3. use with tables w/nav bars
    4. child level VS parent level VS same level
  2. Web design principles
    1. read this at
    2. monitor resolution issues
    3. 800 x 600 vs. 1024 x 768
    4. table usage, table designs
    5. look at, Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL, Netscape
      1. study their tables
  3. Creating web forms
    1. read this lesson on web forms
    2. form elements
    3. working within a table
    4. creating a simple web form
    5. check boxes, list boxes, radio buttons, text boxes
    6. web form processing w/FP
    7. processing on an IIS server, ASP
  4. Intro to DWT, Dynamic Web Template
    1. review the DWT lesson here
    2. create a DWT
    3. design using tables
    4. insert navigation bars
    5. save as .dwt
    6. attach dwt to various pages
    7. dwt advantage vs themes
  5. Review topics and Closure
    1. wrap-up and review topics
    2. review publishing process
    3. evaluation of course / feedback

Additional News


FrontPage Themes

Read my lesson about creating your own theme  here.


DWT = Dynamic Web Templates

Read my lesson about DWTs  here.



I have created a few web sites for others and you can see my portfolio here.

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