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Create / Publish / Manage

Create / Publish / Manage / Your Web Site is my latest course for K-12 educators.  The primary focus of this course is to actively involve the participant in the entire process of creating and publishing a web site.

Participants will create a web site that will be framed up and working with active hyperlinks as well as published to a web server.  It is not expected that participants will have time to add plenty of content to this site but rather that they learn how to construct and publish web pages.  The content and depth can be added at anytime in the future.   With time limitations along with the full scope of this workshop, we will be very happy with a 10 page web site working and framed up live on a web server.


F. Hayden Cochran
PVHS TeamCIA Teacher 1980 to Present

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I have created a few web sites for others and you can see my portfolio here.

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