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Site Design

? Interested in how this site was designed? Here is an overview of how I designed this using FrontPage 2003

The Goals:

  • Use only shades of gray.
  • Apply DWT technology. (Dynamic Web Templates)
  • Use layout tables and cell formatting.
  • Use a CSS file. (Cascading Style Sheet)
  • Keep it simple.

Steps for this site design:

  1. First I created a DWT using layout tables as set up a table with 5 columns and 5 rows
  2. Column #1 = 175 pixels.
  3. Column #2 = 10 pixels
  4. Column #3 = no value
  5. Column #4 = 10 pixels
  6. Column #5 = 150 pixels
  7. The table width = 700 pixels
  8. The table height = 100%
  9. Row #1, #3, & #5 = 10 pixels high
  10. Row # 2 = 60 pixels high
  11. Layout cells were created to add the curves
  12. Color goal was to use only shades of gray
  13. This DWT was then saved in a DWT subfolder
  14. The DWT was then attached to all pages
  15. Finally a CSS file was created and attached to the DWT file
  16. The CSS file manages all fonts, links, and colors

Here are some screen captures of the set up

Open the CSS file



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FrontPage Themes

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DWT = Dynamic Web Templates

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I have created a few web sites for others and you can see my portfolio here.

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