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Adding Background Sounds

Front page uses the HTML tag called <bgsound> to insert a sound file onto a front page web.  This HTML tag is not supported by all web browsers.  Netscape browsers can not read this tag.

To solve this problem use the standard HTML tag <embed>

To cover both Netscape and Internet Explorer do this....


To play a sound file when a web page loads.......
<embed src="sounds/clock.wav" hidden=true autostart=true loop=false></embed>

Note:  Replace "sounds/clock.wav" with the location and name of your sound file.
Note #2:  When using the embed tag, Front page will display the plug-in logo to indicate that your web page will require an added feature.  This is only shown in the editor, in preview mode the image will be hidden.

The Plug-in logo
embed.jpg (1273 bytes)

To NOT autostart, and place controls to the sound file....
<embed src="sounds/clock.wav" controls="console" height=60 width=145 autostart=false></embed>

Note:  The size of the console can be changed by clicking on the plugin and resizing the display.  In front page, this will rewrite the HTML and change the plugin size.  This is what the plugin will look like resized.

<?> Note:
Front Page places this symbol to notify the web designer that you are writing your own HTML and that front page will not check this code for correctness!


Since IE uses the tag bgsound, and Netscape uses the tag embed, you can cover both web browsers with a combination of these two html tags as follows.

<embed src="sounds/clock.wav" hidden=true autostart=true loop=false></embed>

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