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Adding Mouse Over w/Front Page 2000

Front Page uses a JAVA class file included with the editor to create easy mouse over techniques.   Microsoft calls this a hover button, but in the real HTML world it is called "mouse over."

To create this hover button:

  1. Click the Insert menu.
  2. Click Component
  3. Click Hover button.
  4. Set the attributes for the button.

Note:Custom mouse overs can be created by clicking the "custom" button in the hover button dialog box.

Custom Options

Notice that a sound file can be played when the button is clicked, or when the mouse hovers over the button. 

wpe8.jpg (20845 bytes)

Custom Images:

Also notice that custom images can be used to create an interesting effect with mouse over.  Here are two images that have been loaded into the above dialog box for custom images.

See a Mouse Over Menu at TeamCIA

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