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There are two types of graphic files that can be used on a web page.  GIF Acronym for Graphics Interchange Format and JPG Acronym for Joint Photographic Experts GroupMost image editing and Paint programs are capable of saving and creating GIF and JPG files.  We use PaintShop Pro as our image editor for creating these files.

When to use GIF or JPG.

GIF can only have a maximum of 256 colors so this format is best used for clipart, lineart, drawings, and non photographic images.  GIF format is also used to keep the file size down to a smaller kilobyte (K) size, making the files transfer faster over the net.

JPG can  have 16.7 million colors or true color making this format better for photographic images.

The key to fast images is to keep the image as small as possible.  The bigger the image and the deeper the colors the slower the image will load.  The general rule is to count on a web transfer rate of 1 K per second.   So an image that is 30 K in file size will take 30 seconds to be fully displayed on the clients machines.

Free Graphics at GeoCities

Login at Geocites and you will have plenty of access to free graphics.   Simply save these images to your folder for use on your web site.

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