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Digital Photos w/Epson Photo PC
  1. Take photos with the camera.
  2. CAREFULY plug camera into serial cable. Line up pins and PLEASE DO NOT FORCE.
  3. Turn on Camera before launching software.
  4. Launch Pixel Paint---EPSON PHOTOPC.
  5. Click on PhotoPC button.camera1.gif (11278 bytes)

  6. Select "Add all to Gallery"camera2.gif (12827 bytes)
  7. Once the photos have been added to your Gallery, click "CLOSE."

  8. You will now see your photo gallery.  It looks like a film strip like this....camera3.gif (9358 bytes)

  9. Double click a photo to edit and save the image. 

  10. Your photo is now in the "Easy Photo" software package, ready to be edited or save to your folder.camera4.gif (21332 bytes)

  11. Click on "FILE" then "SAVE AS…"
  12. Enter a file name.
  13. Navigate to your folder.
  14. Save as JPG image type.
  15. Click OK.camera5.gif (11007 bytes)

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