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Scanning with the HP Flatbed Scanner
  1. Logon to the NT server
  2. Start Pixel Paint PaintShop Pro program
  3. Click "File" then "Acquire"
  4. This dialog box will displayscan1.gif (15313 bytes)
  5. Click on the SCAN Button and the software will begin to scan a preview of the image.scan3.gif (11401 bytes)
  6. Click the ACCEPT Button and the Scanner will Re-Scan the selected area.
  7. Note:  You can select the area you want to scan by placing your own selection box.scan2.gif (23123 bytes)
  8. Your image is now loaded into PaintShop Pro ready for you to process.

Saving with PaintShop Pro

  1. "File Save As..." will allow saving to almost any image format. GIF, JPG, & BMP are common formats.scan_saveas.gif (15904 bytes)
  2. Save photos as JPG and save line art as GIF.

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