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Note: Run your mouse over the menu on the left and look at the custom graphics with the Front Page 2000 hover effect.  Also notice that Front Page can place the text on top of a graphic, saving load time and making it easier to manage.  With this mouse over, I only created the two buttons without the text.  

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TeamCIA® presents a holistic approach to learning how to use a computer.  The overall concept organizes fourteen classifications of computer applications into a new computer course. In order to be a well rounded computer user, you should be skilled in these fourteen classifications. You will find Framework 14 to be an innovative approach to developing your computer knowledge. 

Framework 14
The chapters of Framework 14 are listed in the left column.  Challenge yourself to demonstrate skills and create products using these fourteen subjects.  If you can exhibit skills within these 14 classifications, you are a TeamCIA® expert, demonstrating your complete computer literacy.

A Working Model
Since 1992, TeamCIA® has been proven in the United States at Perkiomen Valley High School in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.  This year, 144 of the 205 students in the senior class elected to take the TeamCIA® computer course. 
At This Site 
You will be able to check your computer skills against our Top Ten Skills for each chapter. Compare your work with our best student examples, giving you an idea of your current computer skills. Links, resources and suggested activities are included for your continued study of Framework 14.  This framework places into perspective 
the ever changing road to computer literacy.  TeamCIA® provides the organization for a lifelong learning process in computer applications. "What do you want to learn today?"
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