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Publishing with Front Page 98

How to Start the Personal Web Server

With FrontPage, this is a one time process per web site.  This must be started before you can use the publish button.  If you are an expert with an FTP program, you may chose to publish your web site the traditional way using FTP software.  If you would rather NOT use FTP to publish pages, then these steps must be followed in order to use the built-in publishing wizard.

  1. To use the publishing button or wizard in FrontPage, you need to start up the personal web server.
    This is found outside of FrontPage; it is a service that needs to be started.
  2. To start up the personal web server, follow these steps.
    1. Minimize FrontPage
    2. Click START, then SETTINGS, then CONTROL PANEL.
    3. Double Click the PERSONAL WEB SERVER icon.wpe2.jpg (1920 bytes)
    4. The personal web server tool is now displayed.
    5. Click the STARTUP tab.
    6. Click the START button on this TAB. wpe4.jpg (22107 bytes)
    7. You are now ready to use the publish button in FrontPage to publish your web site.
    8. Close the Personal Web Server Properties by clicking the X button.
    9. Close the Control Panel by clicking the X button.

How to Use the Publish Button to publish to GeoCities

  1. Return to the FrontPage Explorer.
  2. Click the PUBLISH button.
  3. Click the MORE WEBS button to type in a web address. publish1.gif (5892 bytes)
  4. Type in the following web address
    Click the OK button. publish2.gif (4545 bytes)
  5. Enter the FTP Server Name for Geocities.  Leave the Directory Path Blank.  The Geocities server will locate your folder based on your member name and password.   Click the NEXT button. publish3.gif (11130 bytes)
  6. Provide your Geocities User Name.
    Provide your password for this name.
    Click the FINISH button.publish4.gif (10573 bytes)
  7. If all goes well.......You will see this Transferring Files screen and.......
    YOU ARE PUBLISHING!!!!!!!publish5.gif (2442 bytes)
  8. CONGRATULATIONS............

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