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Publishing with Front Page 2000

How to Use the Publish Button

Note: These directions are to publish into the GeoCities servers.  Check with your own web host for the unique commands for their servers.  This information can usually be found under FAQs.

Steps to publish

  1. Click the "publish" button or use the "file" menu then "publish web."
  2. The "publish web" dialog box displays.
  3. Erase the HTTP:// and enter the following
  4. Click the "publish button."
  5. The "name & password dialog box displays.
  6. Name = Your Yahoo Email Name
  7. Password = Your Yahoo Email Password
    (remember, Yahoo owns Geocities so your name and password are the same with both companies.)
  8. Click "OK."
  9. If all goes well.......You will see this Transferring Files screen and.......
    YOU ARE PUBLISHING!!!!!!!publish5.gif (2442 bytes)
  10. CONGRATULATIONS............
  11. TO see your new pages, use your web browser and surf to your web address.

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