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Step by Step Form Set up for Front Page 2000
  1. Once the form is created, right click the "submit" button and select "FORM PROPERTIES."
    submit.gif (542 bytes)

  1. In the "forms properties" dialog box, select "send to others:" then click the "Options" button. 

  2. Fill in the information needed for the "action" and the "methods."   Replace member_name with your Yahoo/GeoCities's member name.   Here....Copy this


    Note: (this is the letter L for "perl" type of script)

    form_options.gif (2811 bytes)

  3. Click All the "OK" buttons to confirm all these settings you have just established.  Click all OK boxes on the way out.  Missing any OK buttons will cause the form properties to NOT be set.

  4. Save your web page.
  5. Publish this web page to GeoCities and your web form will now send the results to your Yahoo E-mail box.
  6. know web forms !

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