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How does this work?

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Thank you Thank you Thanks for reading about this process.  I have been looking for a challenge and a unit to add to my TeamCIA computer curriculum.  This is the outcome of that challenge.

Database integration on the web is a very difficult process.  The concept is called "building a web application."  PC and MAC users alike can access these web applications using only a web browser, Netscape or Internet Explorer.  This is a big advantage to application developers.

The process requires three parts.

  1. Web pages created with ASP programming. (Notice these file names have an extension of ASP not HTML.  If you start to look at file names as you surf the web, you will notice a lot of ASP pages.)
  2. Web pages uploaded and hosted on a Microsoft NT Server running IIS, Internet Information Server. (This is Bill Gates attack on the UNIX web server.  NT servers are rapidly replacing UNIX servers as administrators upgrade to these newer servers.)
  3. A database from Access 2000 connected to these ASP pages with SQL programming language.  (SQL Structured Query Language is the standard programming language for database access via a web page.)

Thank you for taking the time to look at this example of web database integration and ASP programming.   Please let me know your thoughts.


F. Hayden Cochran
Teacher PVHS 
MOUS 1999
MCSE 2000 

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Created by F. Hayden Cochran, PVHS Teacher, on Aug. 2000
Why?.....Just for fun......I always wanted to demonstrate how ASP and database web sites worked.