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Web Fees

Web site services and prices can be broken down into 3 categories, design and setup, hosting and management, and maintenance and revisions. Design and setup fees are a one time fee charged during the building and prototyping of the site. Hosting and management fees are recurring monthly fees for the web server and monitoring of the site. Maintenance and revision fees are for updates, edits, and additions billed on an hourly basis.

Online Billing

All our sites have a password protected online billing page with a chronological record of all updates, edits, and site maintenance activities. This online billing page is your link to actively monitor your web site costs.

Details of Categories

  1. Design and Setup
    bulletOne time fee
    bulletBuilding of the prototype to meet the identified goals
    bulletRevisions and modifications, final site approval
    bulletSet up Web server account
    bulletUpload and test site on web server
    bulletRegistration of domain name
    bulletDomain name DNS settings and resolution
    bulletConfigure server logs and website analysis
  2. Hosting and Management
    bulletRecurring fee monthly
    bulletWeb server Windows 2002 / 2003 IIS 6.0
    bulletMonthly site analysis and visitor reporting
    bulletLog analysis and effectiveness of meta tags
    bulletMeta tags and search engine placement evaluation
    bulletReports published to password protected folder
    bulletEmail support and telephone support
  3. Maintenance and Revisions
    bulletBilled as services are provided
    bulletHourly billing rate, billable in 15 minute units
    bulletDocumented on the online billing page
    bulletRevisions completed within 24 hours

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updated on 09/30/2008