Modify  A Theme


To Modify a Theme

Start by making the graphics for the vertical navigation buttons and remember to decide if you want to include any transparent area.  If you do use transparent areas around your buttons, then the buttons will have some separation.


  1. Open your Front Page Web
  2. Click FORMAT---THEME
  3. Select a theme that has some of the features your want, like text color, background color, links color. (all of this can be changes later)
  4. Place checks in the following check boxes, then click MODIFY.
  5. The MODIFY button opens up the options, see below.
  6. The best area in COLORS is....see below.
  7. The best area in GRAPHICS is.....see below.
  8. The best area in TEXT is.....see below.


After modifying a theme, you will need to save the theme AS A NEW NAME. Give the theme a name.

Apply this new theme, and enjoy your learning.