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Report #1
Date: April 18, 2001

WE FINALLY LEFT THE DOCK!! No doubt the most difficult maneuver in sailing is actually untying the dock lines and leaving-- but we finally got it done. Ventana is ship shape and ready for further adventures in the wild blue yonder.

We have departed St. Petersburg after numerous send offs and bon voyage parties with our cruising friends there and are headed south to the Florida Keys and then the Bahamas.

The plan is to be in Venezuela by mid June before hurricane season kicks in so we have lots of miles to go.

We are back to using our onboard ham radio based email address so reply to us here but remember the radio is SLOW so please don't copy our message in your reply or send lengthy internet jokes-- but PLEASE do let us hear from you.

For our scuba diving friends we have a new compressor on board and will be spending the summer in some wonderful dive spots in Venezuela and Bonaire so come for a visit.

Rob & Dee


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