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The Famous Rock Hall Island Packet Raft Up!

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Why Join the Raft Up?

  1. To enjoy lunch with a few 100 friends.
  2. To get in this photograph.
  3. To spray Jeanne Berrington with water!
  4. To hit Bill Bollin and Ed Kurowski with a water balloon.
  5. To swim with the jelleyfish.
  6. To go for a walk around all these yachts.
  7. To just do it.
  8. To be able to say "I was there!"

Why Join the Raft Up This Year?

  1. All the above.
  2. PLUS........See and learn how to deploy a life raft.  Once deployed, you will have the opportunity to jump into the water and experience what it is like to enter a life raft from the water.  This is our first attempt at adding informational and educational content to the raft up.  Once it is built, let's focus our attention on an activity that can benefit all of us!

How is the Raft Up Built?

  1. GYC has built this raft up for 15 years, and they are experts at the process.  Jack Heffner of GYC is the master of managing the build.
  2. Jack will be in the GYC 20' powerboat and he will have others in small boats helping.
  3. The first yacht sets a HUGE anchor and the building begins.
  4. Yachts line up and approach this anchored yacht, adding a yacht to both sides of the growing raft.
  5. Deploy two fenders, one at mid-ship and the other at the quarter.
  6. Ready three dock lines. One for the stern, one spring, and the longest at the bow
    so the "bows can be "fanned-out" as the circle is formed.
  7. Dinghies assist with the rafting as little tug boats, pushing the yachts into position when needed.
  8. More anchors are set via dinghies when the raft is 1/3  built.
  9. Yachts continue to be added.
  10. Once the last yachts are in place, the raft will be in the shape of the letter "C."   Now for closure!
  11. To close the "C" into an "O," long dock lines are tied between the last two yachts and they winch or pull the circle closed.
  12. This entire process may take 45 min. to an hour.
  13. Time for lunch, drinks, and fun.  Enjoy!

This raft has been safety built in all conditions, wind, rain, and fog.  Last year, the wind was around 8 to 10 Knts., after having no wind all during the race.

This entire process will be discussed Saturday night at the Captains meeting.   This is a fantastic raft up, and this year you will have the opportunity to experience getting into a life raft!



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