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Yacht Race on Sunday

Racing Marks for the race courses.
bulletStarting Line will be from C1 to the anchored Committee Boat (full of Guinness Beer!)
bulletR4 Bell Rock Hall
bulletR4 Q R Swan Point Channel
bulletLove Point Light Fl 6s 35 ft.

Race courses (we will announce via VHF cours, I, P, R.
bulletI = Start -----Leave R4 Q R to Port -------Finish
bulletP = Start ----Leave R4 Rock Hall to Port ------Finsh
bulletR = Start ----Leave Love Pt. Light to Starboard -----Leave R4 Q R to Startboard ----Finsh

The racing marks allow for the race committee to select a course that is favorable for the given winds.
The course, designated as "I", "P", or "R", will be announced via VHF on channel 78 prior to the race.

Chart of the Race Area

race_courses.jpg (124904 bytes)

How the Race is Run

  1. The start area is at C1 which is 45 minutes from the marina.  Plan on an hour with the traffic.

  2. A yacht class is started every 5 minutes until all classes are started.   First start is at 10:00am

  3. Yachts will cross the start line and go to the specified race marks.

  4. Yachts finishing should hail the race committee with their yacht name and size to help with identification.

  5. Race committee will respond with notice of finish.

Note:  This is to be a fun race and not a serious yacht race with all the yacht racing rules and protests. 
The race committee will shorten the course, if needed, to finish in time for the raft up schedule.


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