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Date: 12/03/01

Dear Friends and Family:

Latitude 38 47N Longitude 76 13W - St. Michaels, MD

KEWAYDIN is in the slip at the end of East Chestnut Street, here in St. Michaels. We are staying North for the Winter. We have made the round trip to the Caribbean for three years in a row, now, and are taking a rest. It may not sound like a hardship, but with seven months a year away from home, we find that we are getting behind with the rest of our lives.

Sandi has been commuting to California to be with our granddaughters (and their parents), and also Kim's Mom, who needs more attention now that she is 87! She has also been visiting her father in Pennsylvania.

Kim has been commuting to England for his consulting work, which is taking about a week a month now. Tough duty.

Our plans are to go North to New England next summer - probably July and August. We want to get north of Cape Cod this time, to the coast of Maine.

This winter our Caribbean fix will be to join our friends on SUZE and sail from St. Croix to Bonaire for a long week of diving. We will then spend some time ashore exploring St. John in the USVI. That will be late Feb thru March. Sandi is not sure she can wait that long.

Next Fall we are planning to return to the Caribbean on KEWAYDIN.

In the meanwhile, we are findable at this email, or Sandi at

The onboard KEWAYDIN email - - has been cancelled. We are going to find an upgraded service for the next long voyage. We will let you know when we have that worked out, and are again onboard.

Keep Warm and Stay in Touch, Love, Sandi and Kim


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