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Air Conditioning.

ac_control.jpg (19986 bytes)      We installed a 16,000 BTU Cruise Air reverse cycle heat pump and AC unit. This unit is installed in the port settee back, next to the nav. desk. The air ducts run forward to the head, and then into the forward cabin. To get the Vberth supply above the pillow height, the duct needs to run vertically through the shower area. A teak box was constructed to enclose the duct. The aft running duct runs under the electrical panel and into the aft hanging locker, then to the quarter berth. The return air grill is under the nav. desk. The sea water intake is in the bilge and the pump is in the port settee center seat with the head plumbing. One added feature is the deck wash down pump. We added a valve to the AC raw water intake after the strainer and this diverts to a deck wash down pump located in the sole in front of the head door. This wash down pump then has 2 outlets, one at the bow and one at the stern!
ac_cutout1.jpg (30133 bytes)
AC port side cutout
ac_cutout2.jpg (36146 bytes)
16K BTU unit
ac_cutout3.jpg (30567 bytes)
fills the space
ac_saloon.jpg (16108 bytes)
salon outlet

ac_quarterberth.jpg (28620 bytes)
quarter berth

ac_head.jpg (21668 bytes)
head run, shower upturn and out to V berth
ac_head2.jpg (28841 bytes)
Shower run
ac_vberth.jpg (40468 bytes)
V berth
ac_return.jpg (19989 bytes)
return air, under nav. deck
ac_pump.jpg (28935 bytes)
AC raw water pump in port center settee
ac_throughhaul1.jpg (26989 bytes)
AC through haul & strainer under fuel tank
ac_throughhaul2.jpg (31195 bytes)
condensation drain tied into shower drain...great idea!
ac_throughhaul3.jpg (30097 bytes)
valve added to divert intake to deck wash down pump
ac_electric2.jpg (11429 bytes)
2nd 30 amp line added with circuit breaker and switch on deck
This 30 amp service enters the boat and turns right back to the breaker. From there it goes directly to the AC unit. No panel below.
ac_bath_run.jpg (39321 bytes)
the run in the head to the V-berth
. . . .

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