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Note: This information is from the 2000 Rendezvous, please
call Gratitude Yachting at 410-639-7111. Thank you.

IP Rendezvous Cruiser’s Net

(Channel 78)

 This year the participants at the Rendezvous will be able to be involved in a Cruiser’s Net. This will enable better communications during the four day event as well as providing directions to slip assignments. We are recommending that all participants keep their VHF radios "ON" and tuned to channel 78 during the entire Rendezvous. Then Participants can use channel 78 as a hailing channel to communicate with one another. As with channel 16, participants will move to another channel to talk. It is recommended that while on board, channel 78 should be left "ON" so as to hear announcements throughout the Event.

What exactly is a Cruiser’s Net? The format is simple. A Net Controller comes up on the VHF radio at a preset time each morning, on a prearranged channel (channel 78 in our case). The format is designed to provide an exchange of information among the participating Cruisers in a controlled systematic way.

 A typical script

bulletNet Controller: Good Morning Cruisers, this is John Smith on channel 78 in Marsh Harbor. For the next 20 minutes this net will be on the air. We ask cruisers to identify themselves and wait for the Controller to acknowledge them. If we have any new arrivals, would you identify yourself at this time?
bulletCygnus Cay: Net, this is Cygnus Cay.
bulletNet Controller: Go ahead, Cygnus Cay.
bulletCygnus Cay: Good morning net. This is Jim and Cathy Beam on Cygnus Cay. We arrived yesterday afternoon and will be here for two weeks.
bulletNet Controller: Thank you, Cygnus Cay.

After new arrivals and departures, the Net Controller will ask for Safety and Security announcements, social and informational news, weather forecast, items for sale or barter and finally general or miscellaneous announcements.

Tom and Kay Beckett on "Suncatcher" and Carl and Eloise on "Cande" used the cruisers net during their stay in the Abacos. Hayden and Radeen Cochran "Cinnamon" even took their handheld VHF radio during a land vacation to the Bahamas so they could participate in the cruisers net. Chuck and Jeanne Berrington onboard "RelationShip" believe that the cruisers net was one of the most useful and valuable tools of communication and information links, while sailing the Caribbean and Venezuela.

The IP Rendezvous Net will be used each day to provide updated information on the day’s events. This will also provide participants the opportunity to ask questions for clarification. This Net should be especially helpful for those attending the Rendezvous for the first time.

Therefore, all of us attending the Rendezvous should keep channel 78 "ON" while on board and tune in at 8:30 AM starting on Saturday through Monday for welcomes and announcements. Jeanne Berrington on "RelationShip" will be your Net Controller.



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