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The Fleet is based in Rock Hall at the Spring Cove Marina. This is the same marina where GYC runs their yacht charter program. Also based in this marina is the Maryland School of Sailing & Seamanship, teaching everything from basic sailing to ocean passages on Island Packet Yachts. Rock Hall is a wonderful place to visit if you love Island Packets.

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bulletGratitude Yachting Center
5990 Lawton Ave
Rock Hall, MD  21661
Phone 410-639-7111
Phone 800-730-5569
Fax (410)-639-XXXX

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bulletSpring Cove Marina
Madelyn Reni
21035 Spring Cove Road
P.O. Box 659
Rock HAll, MD  21661
Phone 410-639-2110

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bulletRock Hall Fleet
Hayden & Radeen Cochran (Island Spirit, IP35-165)
Phone 215-721-4983
IR/IS" The Independent Republic of Island Spirit is located at the end of the charter dock at Spring Cove Marina. The country's coordinates are managed by our Pentagon representative, Bobby Ward aboard Grainne IP350. IR/IS 



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