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Carl & Eloise

Spring Cove 
Marina Rock Hall

Note: Carl & Eloise have sold Cande and are now 
traveling via a 36' Land Yacht!  Enjoy their reports from
their travels aboard their IP35.

Report #1

Hi there, we are in North Carolina and Irene is due through tonight. the boat is anchored out with both anchors out and we are at a marina in the clubhouse with about 20 people. they ask everyone to vacate the docks when a hurricane is coming, and then come out to your boat and bring you back for shelter. Nice, huh? talk about southern hospitality!!! as far as we know, the storm is going to pass to the east of us but we will see in the morning the name of the marina is Dowry Creek Marina and we highly recommend it to one and all, it is just above Bellhaven.
Love to all, Carl and Eloise aboard "CANDE"

Report #2

We are just south of Charleston, S.C. having sat out Hurricane Irene in a Creek just north of Bell Haven, N.C. Interesting experience, to say the least. We went into a Marina that had taken a pretty bad hit from Floyd and before that, Dennis. As Irene approached, all the boats were moved out to the creek in protected waters, put down two anchors, removed sails and pretty much battened down the rest and left the boats to go back in and have supper and bed down in the club house. About 20 of us were there, being taken care of by the marina owner, his wife, their daughter and the marina manager. Supper consisted of whatever each boat brought in , and the clubhouse had a small microwave, a coffee pot and running water. The baseball game was on until the end (16 innings!!!) and then lights out. One man snored all night at max decibels, with two other guys joining in at various intervals. A poor night's sleep, with the wind and pounding rain as background. But no damage, not even very much rain where we were and the electric stayed on!!
We all took the next day to come back to the marina, put our sails back on and
generally give thanks for our safety. For about 5 days previous to all this, our GPS was slowly giving up the ghost, so we ordered a new one from a West Marine in New Bern and a friend who live. there came down to Oriental with it when she came to visit us. Coincidentally, her name is Irene. Since then, our Alternator/regulator is not working properly and the engine is spewing fuel in the engine compartment. So we stop in Swansoro, visit some friends there and the next day, drove to Wilmington for a part in a car owned by the marina. 3 hour drive back and forth, $30 for the car and $3 for the part (bought 2 just in case), plus dockage fees. A man off another boat figured out what the problem was with the alternator, so we were on our way again. We are now just south of Charleston, having the alternator/generator looked at again. It is not charging at a high enough rate, at least dockage is free here if you are having work done!! This boatyard does work on seriously injured boats, many due to storm damage. Makes us feel so bad for the owners. Hope to be on our way again by this afternoon or tomorrow in the a.m. Talk to you soon,  Love to all Carl and Eloise

Report #3
Hi from cande
Date:     Thu, 18 Nov 1999

We just finished 5 days at anchor at Melbourne FL We attended the Seven Seas Cruising Assoc. annual "party". Lots of informational seminars, a bar-b-q, entertainment, a banquet, and meeting new and old friends. Eloise sat on the women's panel and had so much fun sharing tips on provisioning, cleaning the interior of a boat etc,etc. the vendors were out in force, with a number of offering digital charts and new ways to e-mail/ communicate over a Single Side Band Radio without a ham license (still pretty expensive, but getting better. There was a nautical flea market and many charts for sail for $1 to $3 or so. A report from the Bahamas and the hurricane damage to the Abaci Islands was presented. Couldn't believe how many Americans stay over there for the summer! Much damage but only one life lost (a Bahamian out in a car was washed off the road). Reports were of winds up to 250 knots are hard to imagine but we saw videos to prove it. We will be in Vero Beach this afternoon until the day after Thanksgiving. A cruiser's Thanksgiving dinner is held there every year. After that, we go back u to Titusville to leave the boat at a Marina for a month so we can go out to Colorado to visit 3 of the kids that live out there and hopefully get some cross country skiing in, so far reports are "no snow yet". Talk to you soon. Love Carl and Eloise on CANDE

Report #4
Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2000 15:51:07 -0800

Dear Friends:
So here we are in the Vero Beach area in shorts and bare feet. It has been long pants and sweat shirts until three days ago. We will stay hear until tomorrow and then move on to Delray Beach to meet up with Carl's brother Pete and see the 42 foot Nordic Tug he is thinking of moving up to (now has a 32 footer). We had a great time in Colorado skiing and visiting three of the kids that live out there. The day we left, it was 5 below zero, good to be back in the warm sunshine and see the water again!! The Florida Keys are our next big destination, Key West, if possible (it's hard to find a place to anchor there), we may go to Boca Chica for a mooring at the Navy Base. Happy New year, decade, century and Millenia!!! Love from the crew of CANDE

Report #5
CANDE on the Gulf Coast
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2000 07:09:27 -0800

We are in The Naples area, after spending some time in Melbourne, Vail, Colorado for a ski trip, Fort Lauderdale to visit the craziness and some old friends, Boca Chica Naval Air station, Key West Marina to see Key West and watch the fighter jets practice land-based carrier touch and go landings and take offs. It was really neat!!! We will continue up the coast to Sanibel and Captiva for meet up with one of our sons and his wife for a couple of days. Our ultimate destination is New Orleans where we will stay for a coupe of weeks before making our way back up to the Chesapeake. We are having a great time, needless to say. We spent 5 nights in the Everglades, and it was wonderful. Abundant bird life, dolphins, manatees, fish and gigantic mangrove forests making up islands of all sizes. It was the quietest spot, except for the frogs croaking at night. They were so loud, the noise transferred to the hull of our boat, took us a while to figure out what that noise was.

Report #6

Subject: Update from Cande
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2000 16:41:31 -0700

We guess most you know that CANDE, our boat was sold, and we are now traveling about in a motor home. When the sea trial was done the surveyor found that CANDE had been hit by lightning and all of the electronics had been "fried", so glad no one was in her when it happened. By the time we heard about it, we were on our way to Nova Scotia.
We never did get to Canada. The boat insurance thing has dragged out and the new owners went to settlement Sat., the 2nd of Sept, about a month later than was originally planned. We are in New Jersey now in the heat and humidity after spending a month in Maine where it was cool during the day and cold at
night. We spent time at the Schoodic Point Naval Security Group camp ground near Winter Harbor, the fog was thick for three of the four days but luckily
one day was clear and we went out on the point to see the shore line. Very rugged is the only way to describe it. Huge granite boulders and shelves
being beaten by the Atlantic ocean were an awesome experience. We then went to Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island to a campground and stayed a
week. What beautiful place! Carl and I ran out of superlatives, exclaiming as we explored the area. Hiking, biking, touring in the car and walking
around Bar Harbor was great fun. The temperature never went over 80 and it was dry, even after it rained. We are loving the R.V. more all the time and
the freedom it affords. We tried our new inflatable kayaks out today, their
Love, Carl and Eloise


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