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ASP & Access 2000 Database Demonstration, Aug 2000, by Fhayden.com
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<% fp_sQry="SELECT * FROM PVSD_email" fp_sDefault="" fp_sNoRecords="No records returned." fp_sDataConn="Database1" fp_iMaxRecords=256 fp_iCommandType=1 fp_iPageSize=1 fp_fTableFormat=False fp_fMenuFormat=False fp_sMenuChoice="" fp_sMenuValue="" fp_iDisplayCols=5 fp_fCustomQuery=False BOTID=0 fp_iRegion=BOTID %>
Directions:   To delete a record, please fill in all fields below as they are listed in the current database.  Typos will cause the record to NOT be deleted. (Upper case / lower case does not matter)


Created by F. Hayden Cochran, PVHS Teacher, on Aug. 2000
Why?.....Just for fun......I always wanted to demonstrate how ASP and database web sites worked.