MCSE, What it takes! F. Hayden Cochran

MCSE, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, what it takes!
          Goal Accomplished!

F. Hayden Cochran, Teacher Perkiomen Valley High School, Aug. 3, 2000 after passing the 6th and final exam!
Study Sabbatical Leave 2000 Perkiomen Valley School District           <---Return to
Feb. 1 to June 16, 2000

6  Microsoft Official Courses MOC ($2,000.00/class)
159 Hours in Class instruction
259 Hours outside of class, self study
129 full practice exams of 60 questions each! (7,740 questions practiced)
131 Microsoft Labs with 3-5 activities per lab. (1 hour per lab minimum)
5, 353 pages of Microsoft Text books read!
6 for 6 MCSE exams passed on the first attempt!  No failures, No retakes $100.00/exam
Cost $12,600.00 paid for by myself
? Why did I do this? I did this as a personal challenge to see if I could pass all 6 exams.
     exams #1, #2, #3, easy
#4, #5, #6  very difficult