Island Packet 27  Cinnamon 
In Mint Condition is for Sale!
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Note: All photos taken during the 2000 sailing season.

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June 2000
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10/22/2000 Bodkin Creek, MD
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Sailing on Autopilot and taking Photos from the bow July 2000

Listing Broker :  Michele Martinage, Gratitude Yachting Center 410-639-7111
Email the broker at: Michele Martinage

Why are we selling?  We are looking at moving up to a larger Island Packet Yacht to allow for more extended voyages.  We want to sail to Bermuda, BLock Island and the Bahamas!

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Special Note:  The photos show our Kato Island Davits, and an Avon 2.81 dinghy.  These items are not included in the sale.  I originally bought the larger Kato davits with the plans of taking these to the our next Island Packet.  So please disregard the davits and the dinghy.

Number of Owners:
We are the second owners of Cinnamon.  The original owner was John Funston who moved up to a 36 foot Ericson.  We bought her in December 1991 from this same broker, Michele Martinage.  At that time Cinnamon had brown canvas, brown boot stripe and brown interior, standard for Island Packets of that time.  She also had 6 layers of Interlux epoxy barrier coat to protect her hull.  Cinnamon's bottom is in perfect condition and her bottom paint has never had a problem with adhesion.   When she is hauled, every year, and power washed, she looks like she has just been painted.  We have hauled her every year, and have covered her every year.  She has a custom captains navy blue full cover.  We are very proud of her condition.
cinnamon_hauled.jpg (46498 bytes) May 2000, Just before launch of this season. (notice the new gold stripe)

1986 Island Packet 27 Hull # 58

Hayden_Radeen.jpg (27703 bytes)
in the VW Beetle  
FromtheBow.jpg (59524 bytes) Sailing via autopilot!
Hayden & Radeen Cochran
Rock Hall Island Packet Fleet Captains

Location of Vessel:
Rock Hall, MD
Spring Cove Marina
 spring_cove_docks_5.gif (66768 bytes) Cinnamon_dock.jpg (54162 bytes)

LOA: 30'-0"
LOD: 27' - 0"
Beam 10' - 6"
Draft:  3' - 8"
Displ: 8,000 Lbs
Keel:  Full keel with 3,000 Lbs of lead
Mast: 40'- 0"
Fuel: 19 gallons
Water: 30 gallons
Holding: 11 gallons

Sail Plan:
North Sails, new May 1997
Sloop Rig (Cutter removed and sold, too small, never used!)
Main Sail: Fully Battened Main Sail
Genoa: 135% White UV cover
Cruising Spinnaker (Yellow, Orange, Red)
Schaeffer Roller Furling on Genoa
MainSail.jpg (32771 bytes) northsails.jpg (31102 bytes) spinnaker.jpg (32990 bytes)

Sailing Close Hauled & Reefed = 6knts!  
This was the weekend of 10/22/2000.  A wonderful sail across the Chesapeake Bay.  Top speed reached 6.1 and we were sailing across the current.  (See GPS photo)
Check the flag to see the angle of the wind.  Cinnamon sails great with a reef.
close_hauled1.jpg (28560 bytes)
Full Genoa 135%, Jib car in full aft position to twist off the top of the headsail and de-power the sail.  Wind is blowing 10-12Knts.
close_hauled2.jpg (48034 bytes)
Sailing with a reefed full battened mainsail, check the flow of the tell tails and the shape of the main. I could have taken in more on the red reefing line, since we were a bit overpowered.
close_hauled3.jpg (20388 bytes)     close_hauled4.jpg (17867 bytes)
GPS show speed of 6.1 Knts.!  I am always impressed how well this boat sails with a reefed main.  I am never sorry that I tucked in a reef.  Less heal is always faster.
close_hauled5.jpg (23647 bytes) This is 6.1 knts. true boat speed, note motor sailing, but sailing close hauled with a reefed mainsail in 10-12 knts. of wind.  The 27 sails great.

Yanmar 2GM Fresh Water Cooled, 16HP.
Propeller is 3 blade fixed prop
Hours: 2450 hrs. (My mechanic, Randy Pictelberger of Chestertown, MD informs me that these Yanmars are good for 5,000 hours before a rebuild is needed.  I have always changed the oil every 100 hrs. and before winter storage.  The engine is perfect.)
engine2.jpg (37884 bytes) prop.jpg (36490 bytes)

Port Side, 15 Lb. Bruce with 20 ft. of chain and 150 ft.  rode
Starboard Side, 25 Lb. CQR with 6 ft. of chain and 150 ft. rode
anchors.jpg (87813 bytes)

helm.jpg (41263 bytes) 2 Gel Cell Batteries Group 27 with battery switch and battery charger.
Autohelm 4000, new June 2000
Autohelm remote, new June 2000
Standard Horizon Intrepid VHF with RAM Mic at Helm, 1999
GPS Garmin 12XL, new June 1998
Navpod instument pod for 3 instruments June 2000
Datamarine Speed & Depth, Starboard bulkhead, original
Micrologic Loran, 1988 works fine, used as a backup.
Sony tape cassette, with cockpit marine speekers.

North Sails Custom Canvas Work, New 1997
Color, Sunbrella Captain's Navy Blue
Low profile dodger with side SS side handrails
canvas1.jpg (33677 bytes)
Matching main sail cover, new 1997
Custom Sun shade/Bimini Toast color (stays cooler than blue)
Sun shade built off of hand rails to allow air into cockpit
Full side and back drops to enclose cockpit for shade /rain
Side drops go to the upper life lines
Sun shade / bimini is WIDER than seats to keep rain out
  canvas2.jpg (35294 bytes) canvas3.jpg (19094 bytes)
Very, very clear windshield.  I always keep this polished and cleaned.  It is glass clear.
Port dodger_glass_port.jpg (35018 bytes)     Starboarddodger_glass.jpg (40079 bytes)

New Island Packet Interior cushions changed from brown to blue 1994
 fabric2.jpg (23618 bytes) fabric.jpg (27397 bytes)
10,000 BTUs Marine Air central air and reverse cycle heat
3 air outlets, V-berth, Head, saloon
Unit installed under V-berth, no storage was lost (this space was not used)
ac1.jpg (31996 bytes) ac2.jpg (39782 bytes) ac3.jpg (19710 bytes) 
GE Microwave installed below stove 120 volts.
2 burner Propane stove replaced the alcohol stove
microwave.jpg (42790 bytes)
Counter top access port added to access space behind microwave
galley_storage.jpg (21038 bytes)
Galley countertop extension to provide more surface area for food prep.
galley_full.jpg (47187 bytes)

Upgrades / Repairs
New Raritan PHII head replaced June 2000
head1.jpg (44358 bytes) head2.jpg (39826 bytes)
New Holding tank replaced June 1995
All new sanitary lines replaced June 2000
holding_tank_lines.jpg (34946 bytes) 
New motor mounts July 1997, by Haven Harbour Marina
Clean Storage / lockers
storage.jpg (25491 bytes)

Boot Stripe Work:
My biggest pet peeve with IP yachts is that the water lines are TOO LOW!  These are cruising yachts and everyone loads the yacht for cruising.  Island Packets sit low in the water even when they are NOT loaded.  Now add gear and the boat will be below her factory painted lines.

We have spent the past two seasons working with the painters to paint our water line so that 4 inches of bottom paint is exposed.  This keeps the beige stripe out of the water and gives a cleaner look.  Our boot stripe has been repainted with Awlgrip by Rick's Marine Services of Rock Hall, MD. With use of a laser transit our water line is now LEVEL, and straight AND out of the water!  I must say, Cinnamon's water line is right!

The process of getting the waterline RIGHT!
Bottom Paint & Before raised boot stripe. Follow stripe to the left and see how it was under water! Same problem on Starboard as well.  This was after paint job #1. 1999 Stripe was raised to allow 4 " of bottom paint to be out of the water.
bottom1.jpg (34826 bytes) bottom2.jpg (24328 bytes) bottom3.jpg (21545 bytes)
Use of a laser transit to mark the new water line Straight and Level Boot Stripe!   The same width all the way around! 
May 2000
PERFECT Waterline!
Launch day May 2000!
Bottom paint OUT OF THE WATER!
laser1.jpg (42590 bytes) bottom4.jpg (27082 bytes) bottom5.jpg (34638 bytes)

Bottom Work:
In 1989, Cinnamon had  6 layers of epoxy barrier paint applied to protect her bottom.  She was 3 years old and the original owner wanted to protect his investment.  She had no blisters and has never developed any.   Interlux BottomKote had been used for the next 9 years, hauling every year.  In 1999, we had the Interlux Fiberglass BottomKote soda blasted off down to the level of the epoxy paint.  Next we reapplied 2 new layers of epoxy barrier paint and began using an ablative paint, Interlux Fiberglass BottomKote  ACT.  This paint has held up very well and the bottom is perfect.

Cinnamon Island Packet 27 #58 1986
Mint Condition

sunset.jpg (45511 bytes)
Sunset over Cinnamon's bow

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