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A List of Items for a Passage

Individual sugar packets
Boxed fruit juices-apple, tomato, orange  (You might want extra juices for dockside rum punch.)
Tea and coffee bags-individual size
Boxed long-life milk (The 2%version is the best tasting.)
Boxed cereal-individual packages
Instant oatmeal -variety of flavors
Hot chocolate mix-individual packets
Canned fruit-individual servings
Applesauce-individual servings
Pudding-individual servings
Yogurt cups
Loaves of Pepperidge Farm Bread- dark breads seem to hold better than light breads
Cans of deviled ham, chicken, tuna
Squeeze container of pickle relish
Squeeze container of mayonaise
Squeeze container of mustard
Pretzels, chips, etc, in cardboard cylinders. (Wal-Mart has these)
Individual packages of snack crackers
Small candy bars
Crystal Lite drink mixes-Lemonade and Iced Tea flavors are good
Success boil-in bag rice dishes
Dinty Moore beef stew
Chung King Chinese Dinner  (comes in two cans that are attached) 
Chow mein noodles
Hot sauce
Soy sauce
Salt and pepper
Libby's corned beef hash-can be sliced and fried or baked 
Canned ham-small one or two pound size
Egg Beaters
Peanut butter
Jelly-grape comes in a squeeze container
Margarine in a squeeze container
Mahatma red beans and rice mix 
Cheese sealed in wax-(Gouda)
Saltine crackers
Niblet Corn
LeSauer Baby Peas
Del Monte  Fresh tomato wedges
Boxed macaroni and cheese
Boxes of pasta-spaghetti, linguine,etc
Sm. parmesean cheese
Canned spaghetti sauce-Del Monte chunky
Pancake mix in a plastic container that just needs water
Pancake syrup or honey
Peppermint hard candies
Mint Milano cookies
Ginger snaps
Ginger ale
Strawberry Newtons
Small packages of raisins
Olive oil
Potatoes-Instant varieties are good too
Bagged salad
Seltzer water
Gallon jugs of water 
Frozen chicken breast
Frozen ground round
Frozen steak 
Joy detergent
Moist towelettes
Mineral oil
Trash bags
Paper towels
Paper plates
Handi wipes
Pot scrubber
Toilet paper
Powdered Laundry detergent
Paper cups

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